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Our desire is to keep making the best beer we can and celebrate together. Join us often and tell us what's on your mind. Better yet, stop by for a pint.

Several years ago, three dads and two uncles would gather on a Saturday in one of their garages to master the art of home brew. Before long, the salesman of the group said, “You know, this is good enough to sell.” So the friends set out to do just that.

The name “Seven Brides” actually came from the dads’ kids. Between the three of them, they have only daughters. With the rising cost of wedding nuptials, the guys decided they needed to sell enough beer to pay for their daughters weddings. Each of the girls has a beer named after her.

Seven Brides prides itself on being a local brewery that uses local ingredients, including hops, malt, fruit, nuts, and yeast. The brewery works hard at being environmentally friendly. The cooling water is recycled each time they brew, and the spent grain goes to a local farmer to feed livestock. As of now, Seven Brides is operating as a Production Brewery, Tap Room Dining, and Events Hosting site.

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