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      • Frankenlou's IPA: ABV(7.0)IBU(105)
      • Becky's Black Cat Porter: ABV(7.0)IBU(55)
      • Lil's Pils: ABV(5.0)IBU(15)
      • Emily's Red Ale: ABV(4.8)IBU(20)
      • Bauman's Cider: ABV(6.0)IBU(0)
      • Belgian Underground Armee' Secrete Golden Strong: ABV(9.7)IBU(20)
      • Sunshine Pale Ale: ABV(5.0)IBU(50)
      • Fresh Hops for Hope Tap Takeover: ABV(0.0)IBU(0)
      • Fresh hop Strata IPA: ABV(6.5)IBU(60)
      • She's a Brut Double IPA: ABV(9.2)IBU(65)
      • Maggie's Märzen: ABV(5.5)IBU(30)
      • BlueBarrel Fruit Sour: ABV(6.5)IBU(5)
    • Current BottleList
      • ($4/22 oz)Frankenlou's IPA: ABV(7.0)IBU(105)
      • ($4/22 oz)Becky's Black Cat Porter: ABV(7.0)IBU(55)
      • ($4/22 oz)Lil's Pils: ABV(5.0)IBU(15)
      • ($8/22 oz)Drunkle Olde Ale: ABV(10.0)IBU(60)
      • ($13/500 mL)Monki Love Imperial Stout: ABV(11.6)IBU(40)
      • ($15/500 mL)Whiskey Barrel Monki Love Imp Stout: ABV(12.6)IBU(40)
      • ($18/500 mL)Vanilla BA Monki Love Imperial Stout: ABV(12.6)IBU(30)
      • ($18/500 mL)Coconut BA Monki Love Imperial Stout: ABV(12.6)IBU(30)
      • ($18/500 mL)Coffee BA Monki Love Imperial Stout: ABV(12.6)IBU(30)
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Charitable Donation Policy

Charitable Donation

Your Charitable Organization is truly the heartbeat of healthy local community.

Nothing would make you happier than to host a thrilling charity event where donors feel engaged in your organization and contribute to the fullest. Seven Brides Brewing is proud to assist in helping you pull off exactly that.

Donation Guidelines

In order for us to best assist you achieve your most successful charity event yet, please review the following guidelines:

  • 30 days advance notice of donation request.
  • All donations are final and cannot be exchanged or refunded for monetary value.
  • All donations must be picked up at the brewery during business hours.
  • Regrettably, we cannot provide staffing to work events or deliver donations.
  • We will notify you via email whether your request has been approved or denied.

Beer Donation

  • If your event is open to the public, we require a copy of the caterer's liquor license or temporary liquor license.

Merchandise Donations

  • How the merchandise will be utilized (silent auction, part of a gift basket, prize, etc.)

Charitable Donation Request Form

To make your request for a beer or merchandise donation, please submit the following form.

Your event hinges on how well you are able to make your donors relaxed and comfortable. Together, it’s safe to say you should be ready for your most charitable and successful event yet!

First Name:
Last Name:
Event Beneficiary
Is your organization a 501(c)3? YN
Is this event a fundraiser? YN
Event Description, including Date and Time: